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Hanky Code

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The hanky code was originally developed by gay men as a method of communicating with potential partners in noisy bars. Today, it has been adopted by people of all orientations who are into some form of kink, fetish or BDSM. The use of the hanky code, also called flagging, does not necessarily imply that a person is looking for a partner, nor that a person is gay. It is simply a symbol of pride in one’s self, and is a neat way to get a fellow perv to say, “Hi!”.

How to use the Code

Fold the hanky of your choice into a neat rectangle, and tuck it in one of the rear pockets of your pants, leaving between half an inch and a full inch showing. If the hanky is just crammed into your pocket or worn some other way, most pervy folks will assume that you don’t intend it to mean anything. Here is an illustration for you of how a purple hanky flag would look in the back pocket of some black jeans:

Hanky Code

Hanky Code

Worn on Left Hanky Color Worn on Right
Bondage Top Grey Bondage Bottom
S&M Top Black S&M Bottom
CBT Top Teal Blue CBT Bottom
Nipple Play Top Dark Pink Nipple Play Bottom
Piercing Top Purple Piercing Bottom
Spanking Top Fuscia (Neon Pink) Spanking Bottom
Latex Fetish Top Dark Grey or Charcoal Latex Fetish Bottom
Is a Bear Red/Black Stripe Looking for a Bear
Airforce Fetish Top Airforce Blue Airforce Fetish Bottom
Cop Fetish Top
Medium Blue
Cop Fetish Bottom
Sailor Fetish Top
Light Blue w/White Stripe
Sailor Fetish Bottom
Fisting Top
Fisting Bottom
Dildo Fetish Top
Light Pink
Dildo Fetish Bottom
Navel Worship Top
Navel Worship Bottom
Armpit Fetish Top
Armpit Fetish Bottom
Drag Queen
Drag Queen Lover
Well-Endowed Masculine Genitalia
Wants Largely Endowed Male [8" and up]
Two Looking for One
One Looking for Two
Obescity Fetish Top
Obescity Fetish Bottom
Toe Fetish Top
Toe Fetish Bottom
Cowboy Fetish Top
Cowboy Fetish Bottom
Father Fetish Top
Hunter Green
Father Fetish Bottom
Military Fetish Top
Olive Green
Military Fetish Bottom
Food Fetish Top
Lime Green
Food Fetish Bottom
Anal Worship Top
Anal Worship Bottom
Suit Fetish Top
Grey Flannel
Suit Fetish Bottom
Lactation Fetish Top
Lactation Fetish Bottom
Safe Sex Top
Black/White Checkered
Safe Sex Bottom
Shaving Fetish Top
Red/White Stripes
Shaving Fetish Bottom
Teacher/Student Fetish Top
Brown Corduroy
Teacher/Student Fetish Bottom
Boxer Shorts Fetish Top
Boxer Shorts Fetish Bottom
Strongman Fetish Top
Gold Lame
Strongman Fetish Bottom
Video Fetish Top
Black Velvet
Video Fetish Bottom
White Velvet
Tatoo Fetish Top
Leopard Print
Tatoo Fetish Bottom
Cuddling Fetish Top
Teddy Bears
Cuddling Fetish Bottom
Tearoom Fetish Top
Tearoom Fetish Bottom
Outdoor Fetish Top
Mosquito Netting
Outdoor Fetish Bottom
Bathhouse Fetish Top
Bathhouse Fetish Bottom
Scent Fetish Top
Scent Fetish Bottom
Willing Open-Minded Top
Willing Open-Minded Bottom

* This is a compilation from a comparison of various sites who host their own hanky codes and represents the most constant showings of different colors and designs. For example, in some other codes, Mustard represents a Food Fetish rather than what’s listed above, but it wasn’t the most commonly found. Also, the above-listed are oriented specifically to play and kink, not necessarily to sexual interaction.

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