Iowa State University Cuffs



Spring 2013!

This semester the room numbers vary week to week so please take note as to what room the meetings take place. All meetings are open discussions and will be announced closer to each meeting’s date.

1/24/2013 Thu     7:00 PM  Memorial Union Room 3512 -Kinky Pictionary
1/31/2013 Thu     7:00 PM  Memorial Union Room 3505 -Intro meeting
2/7/2013 Thu      7:00 PM  Memorial Union Room 3505 -Kinky Trivia/Jeopardy
2/21/2013 Thu     7:00 PM  Memorial Union Room 3505- Edge Play
2/28/2013 Thu     7:00 PM  Memorial Union Room 3512- Q&A and General Discussion
3/7/2013 Thu      7:00 PM  Memorial Union Room 3505- Discussion for next year
3/14/2013 Thu     7:00 PM  Memorial Union Room 3512- Electricity play
3/28/2013 Thu     7:00 PM Memorial Union Room 3512- Kinky Pictionary (again)
4/4/2013 Thu      7:00 PM  Memorial Union Room 3505- Toybag Show and Tell
4/11/2013 Thu     7:00 PM  Memorial Union Room 3505- Rope
4/18/2013 Thu     7:00 PM  Memorial Union Room 3505- Kink and Poly
4/25/2013 Thu     7:00 PM  Memorial Union Room 3512- Kinky Krafts

Kink and Poly


Fall 2012!

09/06/2012 7:00 PM  Room 3505 – Intro Meeting

09/13/2012 7:00 PM Gold Room – Kinky Pictionary

09/27/2012 7:00 PM  Room 3505 – Nothing set yet

10/04/2012 7:00 PM  Room 3505 – Endorphins demo

10/11/2012 7:00 PM  Room 3505 – Breath Play

10/18/2012 7:00 PM  Room 3505 – Age Play

10/25/2012 7:00 PM  Room 3505 – Thermal Play

11/01/2012 7:00 PM  Room 3505 – Nothing set yet

11/08/2012 7:00 PM  Room 3505 – Rope Presentation

11/15/2012 7:00 PM  Room 3505 – D/s play

11/29/2012 7:00 PM  Room 3505 – Kinky Crafts: Handmade floggers from cheap materials


Spring 2012!!

Spring semester has started which means that every Thursday at 7 p.m. you should be at the CUFFS meeting!! For a list of (in place) meetings look here. Unless specified, meetings are held in room 3505 of the Memorial Union.

This semester is turning out to be a little different that the previous, being that this semester the members are taking a more active role. If you have any particular interests or if you would like to be added to the weekly email list you can attend a meeting or send an email to our president via e-mail at

We’ll be working with the Des Moines group CIPEX more this semester, which offers information and experience at a level higher than CUFFS can offer. Attend a CUFFS meeting to find out more information about joining or you can find the CIPEX website here.

We hope you have an amazing and kinky semester!!


Spring 2012 Schedule

All meetings are held in the Memorial Union room 3505 unless otherwise specified.

This semester a lot of meetings are up in the air. These are the dates that are set in stone:

26 Sub Switch Dom


2 BDSM vs. Abuse (room 3538)

9 Toybag Show and Tell

16 Fetish Fishbowl (Fun Q&A and discussion!)

23 TBA


1 Roleplay

8 Rope Meeting + Social

22 Electro Play

29 TBA



12 Rough Body Play

19 Kinky Crafts (Duct Tape Floggers!)


Fall 2011 Schedule

7: Clubfest
8: Cuffs Intro Meeting
15: Kinky Pictionary
22: No Rope Bondage
29: Electrical Play

6: Intro to Fire Play
13: Alternative Relationships
20: Basic Care
27: Rope Meeting

3: TBA
10: TBA
17: Needle Play

1: Rope Social
8: Kinky Crafts


2011 Meetings

January 20: Intro Meeting

January 27: Kinky Pictionary

February 4: Electrical Play

February 11: Roleplay and Fetishes

February 18: Impact Play

February 25: Bedroom BDSM

March 3: Movie Night

March 24: Rope Bondage

March 31: Rope Social

April 7: Sexual Health

April 14: Sensory Deprivation

April 21: Kinky Crafts


Fall 2010 Meetings

All meetings this semester will take place in room 3505 in the Memorial Union starting at 7 PM.

September 9: Intro Meeting
September 16: Pictionary
September 23: Electric Play
September 30: Health in BDSM
October 7: Impact Play
October 14: Protocols and Training
October 21: Rope Bondage
Octoboer 28: Female Dominance/Male Submission
November 4: Pup Play
November 11: Porn/Erotica (With giveaway!)
November 18: Edge Play Panel
December 2: Kinky Crafts


Jan. 28 Meeting Notes – Kinky Pictionary

We had a great meeting tonight playing kinky pictionary and learning new terms! It was a lot of fun. Some new announcements from the meeting:

  • Kinky Crafts is on April 8 and the activity fee for that meeting is $25. This is to pay for the materials needed for the craft night. We will be making leather restraints. The activity fee is due by Mar 4.
  • There will be a BDSM toy sale soon. The toys will be offered at a discounted price, so come prepared to buy some new toys and support Cuffs! More information will be coming about this event.
  • Next week’s meeting: Mummification presented by Tux. See you there!


Jan 21 Meeting Notes – Intro Meeting

Welcome to the new semester of Cuffs! We had a really good Introductory Meeting this semester. Here is a recap of announcements we made and what we talked about:

  • Semester dues are due by Feb. 18 and are $15
  • Sinsations in Leather March 12-14 in Chicago. The registration fee of $75 is due by Feb 18. If you are doing the hotel room share, the $60 for that is due by Mar. 11.
  • Cuffs would like to extend its thanks to two recent donors to Cuffs: Thank you to Folsom Street Events for it’s Board Directed Gift. Thank you to our anonymous donor (you know who you are) for their monetary gift as well. Both gifts are greatly appreciated.
  • Cuffs will now be covering any group business with the group’s members in the first 15 minutes of the meeting each week. Any new directions the group may take will be voted on during this time.
  • Announcement: Meeting Change: The meeting on Feb 18 has been changed from “Wax Play” to “Wax Play and Toy Show and Tell” so bring your toys to show off!


Spring 2010 Meetings

Meetings start at 7 pm and go until we are done talking or 10 pm, whichever comes first. All meetings this semester are being held in the Memorial Union room 3219, with the exception of January 21. The meeting on January 21 will be held in Memorial Union room 3505.

January 21: Intro Meeting

January 28: Kinky Pictionary

February 4: Mummification

February 11: Alternative Relationships

February 18: Wax Play

February 25: Legal Issues in BDSM

March 4: Play Party Etiquette and Scene Negotiation

March 11: Health in BDSM

March 18: No Cuffs Meeting, enjoy your Spring Break!

March 25: Feminization

April 1:  Rope Bondage

April 8: Kinky Crafts

April 15: Bringing Sex Toys into BDSM

April 22: Bondage