Iowa State University Cuffs

2000 Meetings


Fall 2000 Meetings

Sept. 11: S&M 101 Gold Room, Memorial Union, 8:00 PM. This inaugural meeting of Cuffs will be a presentation about what BDSM is, what it isn’t, and why Cuffs is now a student organization at ISU. We will also look at the characteristics and limits of BDSM, and explain why BDSM is the polar opposite of abuse.

Sept. 25: How to Meet a Potential Play Partner Safely Cardinal Room, Memorial Union, 8:00 PM. This meeting will focus on where to look for play partners, how to avoid dangerous situations, and what to do to help ensure that meetings and play dates go smoothly and safely.

Oct. 9: Negotiating Skills Pine Room, Memorial Union, 8:00 PM. What are you looking for in a scene? We will cover definitions of many of the terms used to describe different types of play, and how to express your wishes in a firm and effective way with your play partner.

Oct. 23: Flogging LeBaron Lounge (1009), 8:00 PM. This meeting will cover the basics of floggers and their proper use.

Nov. 6: Spanking Room 246, Memorial Union, 8:00 PM. Do you know the right way to spank someone? Or the wrong way? Come to this meeting to find out! Basic spanking tactics are the focus of this meeting.

Nov. 27: STD Prevention Gallery Room, Memorial Union, 8:00 PM. Special guest speakers Jordan and Myke Selha of the AIDS Project of Central Iowa will discuss methods of preventing sexually transmitted diseases. One lucky attendee of this meeting will win some Liquid Latex!