Iowa State University Cuffs


Welcome! Cuffs is an educational group for people who want to learn more about alternative sexuality such as kink, fetish, BDSM, and other expressions of safe, consensual, and non-exploitative human sexuality. Topics for meetings may include how to meet a play partner safely, bondage, negotiating a scene, sexual assault prevention, homemade toys, and others. So come and join us! (If you’re not tied up.) Cuffs would like to note that while club is in session there is no impact play or any play that could be considered assault. Cuffs abides by all Iowa State rules and guidelines.

Membership is open to all ISU students, faculty, staff, and their spouses or partners. Persons not affiliated with ISU may also be invited to join.

Our Mission is to help educate the ISU community on alternative sexuality issues, to create a safe environment for people to meet and share ideas about alternate sexuality, and to provide information on health, safety, and disease prevention to our members and the ISU community.

Meetings are every Thursday from 7-10pm in the Iowa State Memorial Union, and are open to everyone who would like to learn more about the meeting topic. Our schedule page has a schedule of upcoming topics. We do insist that persons attending our meetings be respectful of other people, their kinks, their gender identity, and their sexual orientations. All meetings require clothing suitable for public areas. A more detailed description of our rules can be found on the policies page.

Contact our President via e-mail at

Thanks for visiting Cuffs! Hope to see you at the meetings!